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Criminal Minds season 12, WTF!!!

I didn't have much hope for season 12. With Moore's departure last season, I had very low expectations for this season. Even worse was the addition of Rodriguez, who I didn't like in CSI Miami so I didn't expect to like him here. Season premiere made me just hate him. Of course then I heard what happened with Gibson and I was just done. Already last season we had no chemistry with Tyler, who I really liked and thought would be a great addition to the show, but no, she was just bland and boring. So we now had two very bad and boring characters, Gibson leaves with a very stupid exit storyline and Prewster, as much as I loved her could not ever fill in Gibson's shoes. Then of course, because for some reason someone at CBS decided that they needed more, I guess diversity? I have no idea but added Gupton, another actor that I liked but is simply terrible in the show. I don't know if this is simply due to bad directing, writing, acting or all of the above but it's just so bad it's unwatchable. Add this new storyline with Gubler and I am just done. Not only do we not see any connection between Reid and JJ, who are like siblings, nor with Rossi, who had become this wonderful uncle/mentor relationship in the team and now is so absent he might as well be replaced with a cardboard cutout for all the difference he has in any scene. I honestly no longer recognize my show. When Prewster was fired along with Cook, I just stopped watching but came back when the news that they were returned was announced. Then Prewster left and I thought, okay, it's going to be over, but surprisingly, despite the stupid, stupid storyline, Alex Blake was fantastic. Then she too left and they replaced her with, *throws up in mouth*, Jennifer Love Hewitt, ugh!!! I barely watched. Again, I gave it another show with Tyler but while she was okay, she was also so boring I was hoping either she would be replaced or her character develop some, well, personality.

I am deeply disappointed in my show. I honestly have only skimmed a few episodes after learning about Gibson but I am done. This is not my show. There is nothing here that I can watch and recognize as the characters that I fell in love with. I don't know what happened. Who took over CBS or as the executive producer for the show, or show runner has murdered the show beyond any hope of salvaging it. So I say this to another one of my favorite shows that has become a poor imitation of what it used to be: goodbye, so long, see you never and ciao! Parting is not sweet sorrow.
I'm just messing around with fics. With all the unfinished time travel fics out there I wanted to write my own and actually finish it. Testing the waters right now. What do you guys think? Good, bad?

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Author: Water-Soter
Summary: Kurama has spent near a century hating and hating and wanting nothing more than destroy those that would oppress him and his kin. He spent a century hating and now loving and believing, for the first time in a long time that maybe there was something of this world worth saving. Kyuubi Time-Travel AU.
Main Characters: femNaruto, Kurama, Kakashi, Iruka and everyone else.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, AU, Timetravel.
Series: Novelette
Archive: Please don’t post my story anywhere else without my consent but do feel free to download it and save it up if you want. I will be posting at AO3 at the same time I do here so you can download it there. For some reason fan fiction dot net has limited our ability to do so so at least you guys will be able to have it in whatever format you want at Archive of Our Own.
Author’s Notes: This is fic just popped into my head once I learned of Kurama’s past and thought it would be pretty interesting to write. This is an AU so it diverges from canon a lot, but no worries, we will have all the fun adventures of Naruto and his peoples!
Feedback: Please do, I don’t get paid and just being able to talk to people that read my stories is pretty neat.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fandom, I just love to torture them. I do own my OCs though so please don’t use them without letting me know. Of course if you do want to use them, I will be incredibly flattered. :-P
Word Count: A
Warnings: Gore, disturbing imagery, blood, language, shinobi lifestyle, femNaruto, war and everything else I can throw at it. Be warned, there’s a reason it’s PG-13.

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Yes, no? Interested? Not? Comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Avengers vs X-Men Why It's So Terrible

This article pretty much sums up my feelings of Avengers vs X-Men and how much Marvel has destroyed the character of Cyclops on the Marvel Universe.


I mean I get why they felt they needed to do it. First off, Scarlet Witch pretty much killed off the entire mutant race in a fit. There were no consequences for her and there likely never will. But since she was going to be a featured character in Avengers 2, of course they had to clean her up all pretty for her debut. The same with the Avengers, specifically Captain America. In the series he was the one that got the ball going and if this ever went to trial, or if Scott Summers had a fair day in court, let's just say Captain America, the Avengers and the X-Men who seemed to have been lobotomized and joined in the we hate Scott Summers club even though he was right, would probably be thrown in jail or at the very least the court of public opinion would not be kind to them. Not to mention the pettiness that Cap showed. The sheer stupidity in trusting Logan when it was clear he had some personal issues with Scott and would happily kill off his entire species to get back at Scott. So bad judgement aside, I mean sending Logan to capture Hope when Cap knew Logan would more than likely kill her in cold blood, something that seems to have been skimmed over by everyone.

Then there's Logan, someone who claims to have the kids best interest in heart, who before dividing the X-Men the way he did never one gave a damn about any of them enough to train them even for a minute. Not to mention that he tried to kill Hope multiple times in cold blood. Again something everyone seems to have miraculously forgotten. Or that She-Hulk nearly murdered two of the kids that were supposed to be in Logan's protection. Of course Logan was off helping Cap stop Scott from saving the mutant race. Was makes this entire situation even more disgusting, is the fact that in the end, Cap and the Avengers ended up doing exactly what Scott was trying to do in the beginning and they got to receive all the credit. Unbelievable.

Of course the simple fact that no one, not one person has ever come to Scott's defense in all of this makes me sick. It truly does. I know that Logan needed to look like a hero because the Wolverine movie was coming out but come on!! Now the X-Men are meshed up with the Avengers, Wolverine is in pretty much in every comic book, can you say overkill. And Scott is forever the bad guy even though any of the Avengers/X-Men have done much, much worse things and none of them have suffered any consequences for it, I mean Scarlet Witch is all forgiven and she nearly wiped out an entire race. Jean Grey took out an entire Solar System as Dark Phoenix and all the X-Men fought to keep her safe. Alex Summers has tried to murder his brother more times than I can count, and for most of them in his right mind, Logan, well he is an unrepentant cold blooded murdered, Ororo once ripped the heart out of a kid because she pissed her off, Gambit lead Sinister's extermination team to slaughter the Molocks, yet they were all forgiven and for them, with the exception of Scarlet Witch Scott never once turned his back on them and forgave them. He never judged them and that is the saddest part of all.

Naruto Manga 671 (no spoilers)

WTF!!! Seriously! WHAT!! I mean, it's such a copout! If ever there was a lame copout it was this. WTF!!

My new nephew!


He is to die for!

Paul Walker, Fast & Furious Star Dies

Paul Walker, star of the Fast & the Furious Franchise died in a fiery crash in LA. This is so tragic. I am a fan of the first movie and the franchise has gained traction after the blockbuster bombs that 2 and 3 turned out to be. His career seemed to be taking off and this is just so sudden and tragic. I'm in shock!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope that you are all safe and happy and full tonight and every night. I wish you and yours all the very best in the world!!


Hawaii Five-0 Premire

So I saw the episode live. My bad. It was suspenseful, don't get me wrong, it was just so bad . . .

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Hey everyone that still reads my journal! All one of you! :-)

So I've been writing. A bit here, a bit there. Nothing that's really stuck. But I thought I'd post this little bit that I wrote. It's an NCIS AU Guides and Sentinels verse. FemToni. I know, I know. I seem to have meshed a whole lot in one fic but I couldn't help myself. I would really like opinions on this. Should I bother to keep working on it or trash it? It's rough so please keep that in mind.

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So what did you guys think? Good? Not so good? More?
Is is so very wrong of my to want some quality in what I watch? I want shows that have plots, that have character development, that have good scripts/dialogue and stories? Am I asking too much that movies that are summer blockbusters are also movies that have interesting characters and stories, or heaven forbid, an actual writer/director that knows what they're doing? I am so very wrong in wanted good, not cliché female characters? Or perhaps asking too much in that having female leads that are interesting and well done and actual people and not thirteen-year-olds crushing on the first thing with a penis that appears on screen? Am I wrong in being severely disappointed when movies that are good could have been awesome if they, the studio, had actually bothered to hire people that knew what they were doing, or perhaps an actual writer that can do story and dialogue well? I mean they spend millions on dollars on everything else but don't bother with simple, tiny little things like these?

And yes, I'm talking about Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Star Trek Into the Darkness and Iron-Man 3. They were okay movies that could have blown my mind if they had good writers/directors or at the very least someone that actually understood tiny, insignificant things like, I don't know, plot, character development, female characters or women as a whole, dialogue, or having characters that are flawed, or maybe a good editor, or someone saying, no, we don't need that many special effects/gratuitous deaths/explosions/fight scenes. We need good stories, characters that are unrecognizable from sequel to sequel, female characters that don't go stupid at the sight of a hot guy, smart women, humor that subtle and funny instead of stupid and forced, dialogue that doesn't make your cringe, etc. I'm spending money on these movies, I think I have a right to demand quality from them.


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