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This is the cover art for the second of my two entries I'm doing this year for the 2018 Marvel Big Bang. It's a collage of several comics and comic covers I grabbed with manipulations by yours truly. I so love the cover to endergadered species. The story won't be posted nor revealed until November but I wanted to share this:

This is the cover art for one of the two entries I'm doing this year for the 2018 Marvel Big Bang. The story won't be posted nor revealed until November but I wanted to share this:

Here is a preview of the artworks I created for fulltobursting/unilocular's 2018 NCIS Reverse Bang story titled Push. The main artwork is a modified version of the one that was claimed by FULLTOBURSTING. I just realized that I never made an art post for Push!! I'm so embarressed!! SORRY guys!!

Cover art for Push
Additional ArtCollapse )

The artworks can also be seen at my AO3 account.
Here is a preview of the artworks I created for jane_x80’s 2018 NCIS Reverse Bang story titled The Inheritance. The main artwork is a modified version of the one that was claimed by JANE_X80. She did an amazing job. You really need to check out her story. Seven made in two days!! O.o That's a record for me, yay!! :D

Cover Art for The Inheritance
Additional ArtCollapse )

The artworks can also be seen at my AO3 account.

NCIS Reverse Bang Entry: The Coming Storm

Title: The Coming Storm

Author: WaterSoter

Summary: In a world where a small percentage of the population manifest special elemental powers, Tony was an outsider even among his own people. NCIS Reverse Bang. Canon AU. Gen.

Main Characters: Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, Cassie Yates, Jethro Gibbs, Timothy “Tim” McGee, Tom Morrow, Abby Sciuto.

Genre: Action-Adventure, Alternative Universe, Angst, Drama, Episode Related, GEN, Hurt/Comfort, Urban Fantasy.

Rating: R for violence and past character death

Author’s Notes: This story is my entry for the NCIS Reverse Big Bang though the Elemental AU is my own creation. In this story a small percentage of the population have elemental powers called alters. There are three levels: Manipulators (Manips): Are people that can move their elements, at very limited levels; Shifters (Shifts): Are people that can change the composition of their element or use an aspect of the element; Elementals: Are people that can control and manipulate their elements to significant levels. They have a deep connection with their elements and are affected by them when they manifest in large and powerful ways such as natural disasters. They are extremely rare and there are currently about only 8-12 worldwide.

Feedback: Yes, please. Give it to me all: the good, the bad and the ugly!! :p

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fandom, I just love to torture them. I do own my OCs though so please don’t use them without my permission.

Word Count: 3,109

Warnings: Dark themes, death - major character (past), death - minor character (past), discussion - murder, discussion - other trigger topics, disturbing imagery, violence - canon-level.
Art by: SexyCazzy, thank you so much for all your hard work!!! :D
Written for the NCIS Reverse Bang!!

NCIS Reverse Bang EntryCollapse )
Wow, did someone rec me somewhere or something? I've been getting kudos on my stories and my evil author day of 2018 stories and story projects in the last few days. I mean a lot of them. I'm like O.O. Even Whiteout, which was my Secret Santa story from last Christmas that hadn't gotten any activity since I posted it. I'm a bit . . . <.<   >.>  paranoid now, lol!!! On the other hand, my FF.net account is as dead as a school library during the summer. :p

So last night I had the most awesome dream, which of course had to do with the X-Men and Cyclops and set in the movieverse. It was such an interesting idea, and I felt so cheated that my puppy woke me up since I never found out how it ended, lol. So Happy Birthday to me, I have a new X-Men Movieverse plot bunny, heh.

The dream was a canon AU and the idea was a bit of a merger with the old and new movies. James Marsden is my go to Cyclops for movieverse, even though I adore Tye Sheridan. So the dream started with Scott being new to the school and not knowing anything. Jean trying to befriend him but Scott still not feeling he fits in. Mystique, who is evil, btw, and for some reason a new brotherhood of evil mutants want to lure Scott away from the school. To capture him. The last bit I remember Scott was walking into the woods and boom, puppy woke me up, lol!! It was more interesting in my dream since a lot more happened but that's the basics. I think this is also inspired by my reading the Star Wars comics, where Luke, being my fav character, is constantly being chased and people are trying to capture him. I think maybe that's why the dream was like that, but I really liked the idea. Another plot bunny to add to my growing pile, lol!!

I know, I know. I should be focusing on my NCIS Reverse Bang, but it's been so hard. About two weeks ago we had such a horrible tragedy in my family and I'm having such a hard time focusing on anything, sigh. Hopefully this will help get my back on track for the RB. :D
YAY!! So I finally have my plot for my NCIS Reverse Bang canon AU Urban Fantasy story!!! I was so worried but thanks to you guys and my wonderful and amazing beta, Cutsycat, I was finally able to figure out why I couldn't come out with a plot. World building almost done and I love my world!!! I'll probably use it with other fandoms since I already have an idea for a West Wing story, heh. I love Sam Seaborn!!! Those eyes, that smile!! Rob Lowell is a very handsome man!! *.*

Ahem, any who, I decided that instead of putting my story during season 6 I went with post season 2/season 3 premiere. I really like the ideas I'm coming up with so much better. Working on my outline and happy to say that I think that by tomorrow, I'll have that done and be ready to write. YAY!! Now here's hoping I don't get writing jitters or block!! 

I knew threatening my plot bunnies with making an appetizer out of them and keychains would do the trick, bwahahahahaha!!!

Happy Love and Friendship day!! 

My NCIS Reverse Bang Story

So I have my world building done, well, pretty much done. I have decided what season I'm placing it at, but for some reason the plot eludes me!!! *glares at plot bunny* I can't believe I can't come up with a plot. *head desk, repeat* Why oh why can't I come up with anything!!! Ugh!!! 

Very long and disappointing day . . .

This has been a very long day. I'm currently stuck on what story I want to work on right now. I want to take a break from Man in Black since it doesn't seem to be attracting that many readers and as fun as that was, I'm lost some of my momentumn. I want to get on something else for a while. Just take a break. I think I might play with one of my West Wing canon AUs. I love Sam and the friendships of the show so . . . hmmm. 

People can be so horrible and vicious online. I don't know what happens when we get online that removes all of our inhibitions. We say such terrible things, without a care about who we hurt as if our words are thrown out there in a vacum. Things we would never, I hope, say to someone's, anyone's face. Just . . . it makes me sad that I had to unfollow someone and I might take it a step further and unfriend them. I just can't take their hateful words. I would never imagined she would ever, ever be capable of writing anything close to what she's been going on about. Sigh. Whatever happened to our humanity? Our compassion? What is it about online forums that removes kindness from our thoughts and turns us into the biggest, most despicable creatures out there? Sad, sad, sad. 


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