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The Cyclops-centered X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Comicverse

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Comicverse

Okay, so let us begin. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you my Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Recommendation Collection:

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Recommendation Collection!!!

X-Men Comics:


The Raw Materials from which a Boy is Made by NezumiPi - Charles and Scott
Scott Summers wasn't much of anything when he was taken in by Charles Xavier, not anyone's choice for soldier, let alone leader. For his part, Xavier had neither the desire nor the skills to parent a wayward teen. But it worked. Sort of.

(A realistic look at day-to-day life at the very beginning of the X-men...leading up to something sinister.)

Beyond X: When We Wake by Dex - Scott
After many years of half-life as a tool of Apocalypse, Scott Summers is rescued only to find that all he knows and loves has changed completely.

Breaking Free by Mickey3 - Scott
What if Scott's brain damage had not only caused Scott to lose control of his powers, but also made them manifest earlier? What if someone with less honorable intentions had found Scott first? How different would Scott be?

Cold by Mickey3 - Scott
Scott reflects on the time he spent merged with Apocalypse and it's effects on him.

This Is a Story About Control by GrayJay - Scott
You have:
Glasses that are the only thing between you and the end of the world.
A knack for being invisible. A face that says nonthreatening.
Half a dozen stories about where you came from and where you’re going that you’re pretty sure no one ever believes.
A list of everything you’ve stolen written down on a crumpled sheet of notebook paper, so that someday you can pay it all back.

Conservation of Energy by Mara Greengrass - Crossover with Fantastic Four
What happens when the laws of physics meet the Marvel Universe?

Hero Worship by Fred Garber - Kitty and Scott
Kitty and Scott friendship, early years.

Hell of a Thing by Likeadeuce - Kitty and Scott
It doesn't take telepathy. They've all known each other too long. Kitty and Scott have a talk, post-“Gifted"

Office Hours by GrayJay - Kitty and Scott
“Do you ever get used to it?” she asks.

Scott, Kitty, and the people they've left behind.

Three Times Is a Pattern by Handyhunter - Kitty and Scott, Team (2nd Incarnation)
Training drills are boring, but necessary.

Starlight and Moondusk by Jaya Mitai - Stryfe and Scott
In this retelling of the "Search for Cyclops," another apple off the Summers' family tree gets involved in the mix and the separation of Scott and Nur comes at a greater price.

Banter and Bondage in the Summers’ Family by Andrea - Stryfe and Scott
Being captured by Sinister gives Stryfe and Cyclops a chance to do some family bonding ... well, a chance to snark at each other, anyway, which is as close to family bonding as they're ever likely to get.

The Sun Hasn’t Risen by Jaya Mitai - Logan and Scott friendship. Not a X-Men death.
After an attack on the Xavier Institute, Cyclops and Logan say good-bye to a special friend. (Tear-jerker warning.)

Silver Lining in the Sky by St_Aurafina - Logan and Scott friendship.
In post-WWII Nebraska, orphaned Scott Summers finds a hideaway in the cockpit of the Fightin' Wolverine, an abandoned Hurricane in a scrapyard full of planes.

Doe, a Deer... by Jaya Mitai - Logan and Scott friendship
It begins with a late-night collision...and from there, things steadily get worse. (Tear-jerker warning.)

Old School by Likeadeuce - Logan and Scott friendship
A quiet moment between Wolverine and Cyclops. Features nostalgia and beer.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame by Alicia McKenzie - Cable and Scott
A traditional father-son outing goes awry, and the result is an insightful look at the relationship between Scott and Nathan Summers.

Aftermath by Alicia McKenzie - Cable and Scott
Post Search for Cyclops. Nathan and Scott have their long awaited talk.

Summer Rain by Alicia McKenzie - Chris, Scott and Cable
The first meeting of Corsair and Cable, the way it should have been.

Flying Dutchman by Alicia McKenzie - Chris, Scott and Cable
When crusing with Cyclops, Corsair and the Starjammers, Cable encounters and strange presence when they investigate a distress call.

So Much Water, So Close to Home by St_Aurafina - Alex and Scott
The Summers boys head into the mountains to follow up reports of a mutant sighting. Set shortly after Scott is reunited with his brother.

Saying Goodbye by Diamonde - Alex and Scott
Havok returns to his earth, only to find that Scott needs him... or at least a part of him.

The One that Got Away by Likeadeuce - Alex and Scott
Scott may never be able to make up for letting his brother go.

Orphans by Dex - Jubilee and Scott
Scott and Jubilee have a heart to heart, and the leader of the X-Men helps her to see the things they have in common.  This was probably one of the first and more well-known "fair" looks at Cyke in the fanfic world.

Eulogy by Dex - Jubilee and Scott
Jubilee says goodbye to Cyclops in her own way. Follows events referred to in Dex's classic tale, 'Orphans'.

Pegasus Flight by Andrea - Scott and OC (Outsiders POV must read!!!)
While being held captive by the Friends of Humanity, Scott meets a very unusual girl…

The Uncertain Trumpet by Bliemchik - Scott and Jean
Prompt from futuransky on DW: X-Men, Scott Summers, the material for his visor and glasses was never developed so he had to adapt to being permanently blind.

Sick Day by Handyhunter - Original X-Men
X-Men: First Class #10 saw Scott on a solo mission while his teammates were sick. What if he had to take care of his sick teammates instead?

Need to Know by Likeadeuce - Team
Bobby figures out what's up with Warren. So what happens next?

The Persistence of Memory by GrayJay - Rachel and Matt (Daredevil)
And then she sees it, as if in answer to the effort, a prize at the end of the fight: the glint of sun off red glasses, so familiar her heart stops and stutters in her chest.

Mistaken identities.

Dragons by GrayJay - Tyke (O5 Scott) and Scott
Uncharted territory is a good term for it: his life hasn’t been on any kind of map in what feels like a very long time. He wonders what that would make the other Scott--the part that says Here There Be Dragons, maybe.

Equus Caballus by Handyhunter - Abigail Brand and Scott, Hank/Abigail
Neither Brand nor Scott is good at small talk.

L. Burke - READ IT ALL!!!

New Beginnings and Second Chances by L. Burke - Charles and Scott
Scott and Charles early years.

A Very Bad Day by L. Burke - Logan and Scott friendship
Logan to the rescue!!

The Marker by L. Burke - Charles and Chris
Charles and Chris have a talk after Scott’s death.

Bears, Floods and Survivors by L. Burke - Team (2nd Incarnation)
The X-Men go camping. Post Jean’s death (first time).

The Line by L. Burke - Scott
Scott about his life and how he got where he is.

Midnight Meetings by L. Burke - Original X-Men
Foreshadowing of Apocalypse and the hells he brought to them in X-Factor. (One of my very favs)

The Early Years Series - READ IT ALL!!! by L. Burke

Bridesmaid Dresses, Slime, and Other Horrible Things by L. Burke - Original X-Men
The Greys come to visit the school to see if they want to send their daughter there. Exploding basements, sentient slime, and a rude juvenile delinquent give them second thoughts.

Friday-Night Guy Talk, Stalkers, and Others Strange Things by L. Burke - Original X-Men
The boys spy via a telescope, and bond over pizza. Scott worries about the lipstick that won't come off. And Jean catches all of them at it.

Tormenting Jean, Killer Robots, and Other Bad Ideas by L. Burke - Original X-Men
Jean's study date is treated to Danger Room robots gone berserk and apparent ritual sacrifice in Xavier's living room.

Twinkies, Holdups, and Other Things That Aren’t Good For You by L. Burke - Original X-Men
One dead rat, one dim-witted 'bank' robber who accidentally holds up the pet store, and a snake that won't eat people. Oh, and Jean ends up with another traumatized study date.

Hit Women, Goats, and Other Vacation Blunders by L. Burke - Original X-Men
The X-kids in Paris -- Scott rescues a goat, Bobby gets a marriage offer from a Sheik, who's subsequently shot by an incompetent hit-woman, Warren faces the angry brothers of a girl he claims he didn't date, and Jean is forced to wear a leather corsette in public. Among other things.

Anger Management, Geeks, and Other Scary Things by L. Burke - Original X-Men
Jean is sent to an anger management seminar and Scott volunteers to go with her. Mind games ensue. And Scott gives a heart-felt speech about the value of some kinds of anger.

Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things by L. Burke - Original X-Men
Scott's parole officer Carol talks him and his fellow students into a camping trip with other 'problem' kids, to serve as an example. Insight occurs all around, as well as poison Sumac, a drunk Jean, Scott all hot-and-bothered, and a fateful canoe trip.

Trellises, Romeo and Juliet, and Other Romantic Things by L. Burke - Original X-Men
Jean's Valentine's Day date dumps her in favor of a bimbo, and Warren and Hank both quarrel for the right to fill in, until Xavier orders Scott to take her, though Scott can't stand Romeo and Juliet. (What? The Professor Matchmaker?)

Chemical Imbalances, Kissing, and Other Sappy Things by L. Burke - Original X-Men
It begins with a sick Scott, takes a memory trip through a number of pivotal events in their joint history, and ends with a ceiling full of stars, and an albatross. Oh, and a kiss, too.

Midnight Meetings by L. Burke - Original X-Men
Foreshadowing of Apocalypse and the hells he brought to them in X-Factor. (One of my very favs)

Can’t Fight This Feeling by L. Burke - Original X-Men (Jean and Scott get together but I placed it here since it’s the last part of the Early Years series)
It wasn't technically part of the series, but it did make a kind of coda. Written for Naomi. After Bobby's birthday, Scott and Jean finally find their
way to one another.


Postcards From the Black Bug Room by GrayJay - Jean/Scott, Emma/Scott
Wish you were here.

The Dark Spot by Domenika Marzione - Jean/Scott
After the Dark Phoenix Saga, Scott doubts the Dream.

Cellmates by Falstaff - Scott and Erik, Jean/Scott
Operation: Zero Tolerance was a great deal more successful than it was in mainstream Marvel.

Beyond the Words by Kaylee - Ororo and Scott, Jean/Scott
Scott comes back for one last, important task. Post Twelve.

A Conversation in the White Hot Room by Duck_Life - Jean/Scott
Of all the places to run into someone. Takes place immediately following Scott's, ah, "confrontation" with Doom in Secret Wars.

My Little Run Away by Shadowcat Rules! - Jean/Scott (This is the very first piece of fan fiction that I read)
This story shows exactly what happened years ago between Scott, Betsy and Jean.

Rex Racer on the Final Turn by GrayJay - Alex and Scott, Jean/Scott, Original X-Men
Dear Alex,
Hi. I’m not sure if you remember me, but my name is Scott. If you’re the Alex Summers I think you are, I’m your older brother.
Summers brothers, secrets, and Speed Racer - or - a slow burn from the beginning.

Ghosts by GrayJay - Scott and Charles, Alex and Scott
He’s not quite three, and his father is holding him up to look into Alex’s bassinet; impossibly tiny fingers warm under his hand when he reaches down, and he knows he’d do anything for-- His dad’s voice, You’re a big brother now, Scott. Do you know what that means? He’s twenty-two, half doubled over in a chair Professor Xavier’s office, clutching a crumpled sheet of paper, and everything is red; and he thinks, It means this.

Against the World by GrayJay - Alex and Scott
And that’s the hardest part, Alex thinks--all the tiny ways his brother hasn’t changed, waiting just under the surface to ambush him as soon as he starts to think he’s come to terms with the fact that they’re never going to be able to pick up where they left off, that they’re both really fucking broken in ways a weekend of beer and blanket forts probably isn’t going to fix.

Not quite a first meeting, but the first in a very long time.

Lost in Space by GrayJay - Charles and Scott, Alex and Scott
Scott is a ghost in his own apartment.

Enough by GrayJay - Jean/Scott, Alex and Scott
Right now, curled naked together on the too-narrow twin bed, he’s pretty sure there’s nothing he wouldn’t let Jean Grey do if she asked.

A Very Night Moose Christmas by GrayJay - Alex and Scott, Jean/Scott
The lights from the flimsy artificial tree cast a faint glow, and that’s the first sign something’s really wrong, not just in his head.

Mask Protocols by GrayJay - Jean/Scott, Original X-Men, Alex and Scott
At the best of times, Scott’s ten pounds of screwed-up in a five-pound bag, but he never loses his head in a crisis, always knows the right thing to do, always considers things logically and looks for the big picture. Now, slumped on the edge of the hospital bed in the remains of his costume, their Fearless Leader--who always has another contingency plan, who can pilot an SR-71 through a lightning storm without breaking a sweat--suddenly seems very young and very scared.

Speed on the Inside Line by GrayJay - Alex and Scott, Jean/Scott
The last two weeks have been a nonstop avalanche of fucked-up: mad scientists and friendly Egyptology professors who turn out to be supervillains, and robots, and honest-to-god fucking dinosaurs, and waking up tied to an altar with a knife against his neck, and his brother is fucking Cyclops; and if he’s been dealing so far, it’s only because he hasn’t taken the time to think about it all at once.

Scott and Alex, in the aftermath.

Kobayashi Maru by GrayJay - Hank and Scott friendship, Jean/Scott
“It is beatable, though, right?” he asks Hank.

Hank raises an eyebrow. “It’s the Kobayashi Maru, Scott. If it were beatable, it wouldn’t be accurate.”

Cyclops vs. the no-win scenario

Idols by Mickey3 - Jean/Scott
A tragic accident turns a man against mutants. What happens when he learns that his children's idol is a mutant?

Revelations by Mickey3 - Jean/Scott
Jean has a surprise for Scott. Gambit's secret revealed!

First Among Equals by Alexandra Nigro - Jean/Scott
Post Onslaught Jean and Scott deal with the aftermath.

On Letting Go by Jaya Mitai - Cable and Scott, Jean/Scott
A lot remains unresolved between Cable and Cyclops, but when tragedy strikes on a mission, one of them learns how unimportant it all is, and what really matters. Also be sure to read the sequel to "On Letting Go" (written with Mitai's permission)

After the Fall by Alicia McKenzie - Mostly Jean and Scott
The aftermath of On Letting Go.

With Purpose Knit by Lilacsigil - Jean/Scott
After the accident that led Jean to become Phoenix, her powers have increased drastically and unpredictably, but Scott is always there to help her.

Deck the Halls by Domenika Marzione - Jean/Scott
A young Jean Grey and Scott Summers, the holidays, and the introspection and angst that always pops up this time of year. It's the first Christmas after the opening of the Xavier Academy and Jean realizes that she's not the young woman she was at the start of the school year while Scott tries his best to deal with a time of year that he enjoys very little.

The Ticket by Domenika Marzione - Jean/Scott
Thematically a continuation of Fairy Tale, but it's really a companion piece to Deck the Halls. Jean and Scott, through the years.

Half-Baked by Diamonde - Jean/Scott - Scott and Ororo friendship
Scott worshiping the sun in a itty bitty swimsuit. The X-Men are intrigued.

Fruitloops, Nutcases, and Prophets by Diamonde - Jean/Scott
In this hilarious story, Cyke is, quite simply, losing his mind. Or is he? ;-) (This is the funniest thing I have ever read!!!)

After Life by Likeaduce - Jean/Scott
What if you had to choose a single memory to represent your entire life? Scott Summers thinks that he knows.

The Night Before and the Morning After by Likeadeuce - Jean/Scott, Jean/Logan
Scott and Jean have had another fight, and Jean has had enough.

Vanishing Act by Likeadeuce - Jean/Scott
Jean's possessed by this psychic force that enhances her powers; it might not end well. Just a hunch.

Camouflage by Likeadeuce - Jean/Scott
Warren knows there is something going on with Scott and Jean.

Courage by Likeadeuce - Jean/Scott
I was talking to Susan Richards,' Jean said, 'about the hard-headed alpha males we both try to share our lives with'.

The Best Man by Likeadeuce - Jean/Scott
It's Jean's first night in the mansion, and Warren wants to make it clear that this is a competition. Scott/Warren/Jean love triangle, in all its permutations.

In Other Words by Bossymarmalade - Jean/Scott
Scott deals with the fallout of the X-Cutioner’s Song the best he can.

Security Measures by GrayJay - Jean/Scott, Madelyne/Scott
There’s never been a clear line where he stops and the scar tissue begins.

Shades of Red by Paxnirvana - Jean/Scott, Rogue/Jean (Not Slash)
A tale in 3 parts. Accidents are magnified when you're a mutant. And consequences fall on more than just you - when you're Rogue.

Do Not Let It Grieve You by Duck_Life - Jeen/Tyke - Current O5
A mission goes wrong. Not everyone walks away unscathed. Not everyone walks away.


Please Get Well for Christmas by L. Burke - Jean/Scott - Team
Jean leaves a sick Scott in the care of the team, big mistake!!

There’s No Place Like Home by L. Burke - Jean/Scott - Team
Cont. from above. Cable thinks the elf is going to kill them all. :p

Beneath the Floor Boards by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Jean deals with the aftermath of Scott’s death.

We Will Always Have the Stars by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Companion piece to Beneath the Floor Boards.

Elves, Weirdoes, and Ten More Degrees by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Jean and Scott have to get the hottest game for her nephew Joey right before Christmas.

What Could Have Been by L. Burke Jean/Scott
All the reasons Jean doesn’t regret her life or being married to Scott.

The Suggestion Box by L. Burke - Scott/Jean - Team
Scott has to clean out the suggestion box at the school.

Crucibles by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Scott contemplates his life throughout the years.

The Book by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Someone writes a tell all about the X-Men. Jean is not amused.

The Warriors Code by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
I found him standing by his tombstone in the cemetery.  One kiss in a moment of passion had let this genie out of the bottle.  I was here trying to put that particular four thousand year old genie back in.  I had messed up.  I knew it. Jeannie was his wife and one kiss had been too far.  I knew that too.

Tables, Tactics and Redheads by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
“Don’t even speak to me Scott Summers.” Jean Grey Summers growled at her husband as he walked through the door of their home.  “You mister, are in the dog house big time.”
Scott gave her a completely innocent expression and asked, “What I do?”
Jean narrowed her eyes at him, “Bobby put excerpts from that awful book on his new website www.xmendirt.com.  Don’t even pretend you didn’t have anything to do with it, you evil little puppet master.”

Reflections by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Jean and Scott reflect on the man he is.

Scars by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Jean on Scott’s scars.

The Torch by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
Jean has always been Scott’s guiding torch from a young age.

Escape and Evade by L. Burke - Jean/Scott
I remember once Scott and I were playing one of those stupid little games that are made for couples to play together.  The question that Scott drew was “Off the top of your head, state two words that would best describe your life.”  Did he fire out words like, happily married?  Oh no.  The two words that Scott chose after thinking about it were  “Escape and Evade.”  Sometimes, I think about those words.  I damn Charles Xavier for them.  I damn myself for them.  Most times I just damn Scott for them.


What If Scott Summers Lost His Powers? by Handyhunter - Emma/Scott
The world looked different without the thin lines that usually enclosed Scott's field of vision. He rejected yet another pair of glasses; so far, all the ones he'd tried lacked. . .authority. The optometrist had finally written him a prescription, after his third visit in as many weeks because he'd walked into a glass door more than once since it happened and still had trouble telling some colours apart, and now he was in store that sold all kinds of eyewear, both functional and decorative.

Firebirds FF.net by Antiochene - Emma/Scott
Firebirds AO3
The Phoenix has come to earth, but so have the Shi'ar. The X-Men and the Avengers discover that the road to hell is paved with good intentions as they try to overcome their differences and work together to save the mutant race - and Earth itself.

Seven Holy Virtues by St_Aurafina - Emma/Scott
Emma's life is full of virtues.

To One End by Likeadeuce - Emma/Scott
What was Scott's life really like in the House of M universe?

The Art of Dreaming by St_Aurafina - Emma/Scott
Scott knows the power of dreams.

The E Street Band by Likeadeuce - Logan and Scott friendship, Emma/Scott
I was trying to figure out why Logan spends so much time crouching on Scott's bed. The answer, inevitably, led me to the life story of Bruce Springsteen. Because every shipper war has a Bruce, a Patti, a Stevie, and a Clarence. Logan will be happy to explain.

Four Things Emma Frost Might Find in Scott Summers’ Brain by Likeadeuce - Emma/Scott, Jean/Scott
What the title says!

Visiting Rights by GrayJay - Emma/Scott, Jean/Scott
Scott's mind is a Winchester House of false doors and dead ends, deadfalls and secret passages built on and over and through each other.

Blind Eyes Could Blaze Like Meteors and Be Gay by GrayJay - Emma/Scott
Sometimes she wonders in spite of herself whether she saved him, pulled him whole into her own mind. That maybe it’s only his body hidden away, and Scott--the real Scott--is somehow still present and intact.

Fragments of Death of X, through Emma's eyes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Feeling Other People’s Feelings by Seriousfic - Emma/Scott
Being with someone who's been a telepath's lover for so long is a new experience for Emma...

Scott/Other Female:

Temporary by Likeadeuce - Madelyne/Scott
Scott holds the sleeping, silent baby against his shoulder, and tries to make everything feel the way that it's supposed to.

Measure by GrayJay - Madelyne/Scott
Scott and Maddy, at the beginning.



***Cyclops Goes To Hell by ELG - Logan/Scott, Howlett/Scott/Hercules, Emma/Scott
Takes place during Uncanny X-Men post AvX. A MUST READ!!!
The alternate universe Wolverine, ex-Governor General James Howlett, asks Scott Summers to help him rescue his dead lover, Hercules, the legendary hero and son of the great god Zeus, from Hades.

***Cyclops Goes to L.I.M.B.O. by ELG - Logan/Scott, Emma/Scott
The Avengers go after the bad guys who kidnapped Scott.
[The Avengers get telepathically violated. Scott gets slut-shamed. Logan gets jealous.]

That Smile, That Look by Paxnirvana - Logan/Scott, Jean/Scott
Scott runs the school. Scott runs the team. But who runs Logan? Why did he come back and why does he stay?

Prove It All Night by Handyhunter - Logan/Scott
Scott's other rule of three.

Where Pavlov Stopped by TW Lewis (Gardendoor) - Logan/Scott
After Jean's death as Dark Phoenix, Scott is left with an uncomfortable reminder of her attraction to Wolverine.

I Found My Thrill by Destroythemeek - Logan/Scott
Logan has pie on his lip. Scott’s a little distracted.

Something in the Night by Handyhunter - Logan/Scott, Emma/Scott
Scott's dreams are strange and involve Logan.

I’ll Make It Up To You Somehow by Handyhunter - Logan/Scott
Sort of a sequel to Something in the Night.

Wrapped by CanAm77 - Logan/Scott
Post battle injuries and milkshakes.


Triptych by Kerithwyn Jade

Kinda I Want To by Askani’daughter
There's something going on between Cyclops and Angel. Only everyone seems to know about it but Cyclops. Is it love, is it hate? Is it want, is it need? What will it take to bring them together?

The True Meaning of Christmas by Askani’daughter
Scott's been down lately, so his three best friends take him out on Christmas Eve to cheer him up... and one gives him a Christmas present he'll never forget.

Freak On a Leash by Askani’daughter
Introduction of Angel into movieverse. Cyclops finds an abused, angry Angel and brings him home. Cyclops and Angel form a fast friendship, which quickly develops into something more. But Cyclops and Angel's past comes back to haunt them... with a vengeance.

Naked by Jane St Clair and Te - Warren/Scott
That day, in the attic, with Warren.

I Close My Eyes by Tangerine - Warren/Scott, Jean/Scott
After the Dark Phoenix, Warren comforts Scott.

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Ultimateverse

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Movieverse O3

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Movieverse First Class Retcon

The Cyclops X-Men Fanfiction Rec List!!! Cartoonverse Evolution

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