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Garden of Eden

Get lost in the insanity

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HI!! I love to write and hope to one day become a professional writer. I'm fluent in both English and Spanish. My latest obsessions are:

Writing, reading, making animations, films and cooking. Also, of course, watching movies and series.

What’s going on!! 10-18-17

Wow, it's been almost a year since I've updated this!! Okay, so what's been going on? Well, I have been writing again, yay!! But not posting any of it here. Why is that, you say? Mostly it's because that work is a rough draft since I currently don't have a beta to help me edit my work so I post over at my Dreamwidth and LiveJournal account and on the Wild Hare Project.

The second reason is because I promised myself that I would no longer post stories that I haven't finished. That's due to the fact that I have three WIPs that I haven't updated in forever and I hate doing that to you guys. So from now on, anything I post here or on my AO3 account will be completed even if I post them in parts. :D

Right now I have two stories in progress over there in case anyone wants to check them out. I'm also doing covers for all my stories, which is a bit of a challenge and loads of fun. You can go to my deviantart account to find the covers, summaries for the stories and maybe an excerpt. This is probably the account, and my facebook, which will let you know what I'm currently working on. I don't know if FF.net has fixed the links problem but I'm going to post them here with spaces so you guys can check them out.

Now those three WIPs. I haven't given up on them, but really they are just awful. The pacing is off, something I've always had a problem with and the premise not as good as I thought. They have all gone through a lot of changes, mostly Strange Encounters and Darkness Before Done, but the essence of them remain. From One End to Another has stayed the same, for the most part but it's going to be revamped and the plot done in a much better manner. So for those of you that are still interested, I haven't given up on them!!! Promise!

You can find the url of my livejournal on my profile. It’s as my webpage and I sometimes post scenes of my stories there to get people’s opinions on them. I love to hear people’s thoughts/opinions. Also, if you want to PM about any of my stories you are more than welcome to do so. If you like the stories posted, please drop me a line to let me know. Getting feedback or PMs really gives me a boost to write and keep on writing :-).

Here are the links for where you can find me and my newer projects:

DW: watersoter.dreamwidth.org

Facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016984385822

Wild Hare Project (You can find my current work there): wildhareproject.com/author/watersoter/

Deviantart: watersoter.deviantart.com

AO3 (I have loads of recs there): archiveofourown.org/users/WaterSoter

Tumblr: tumblr.com/blog/watersoter4

And for those that are Cyclops fans. I have created probably the largest fanfiction rec list on the net: water-soter.livejournal.com/tag/my%20cyclops%20fanfiction%20rec%20list%21%21%21

It's all divided by verse, pairing/gen - slash/het. ENJOY!! If you like it drop me a line. It's always nice to know people appreciate the work you do. :p

What I’m working on:

Stories that are being posted/challenges:

Right now I have two stories that I'm posting on my LJ, DW and WHP accounts. They are rough versions as you will see and I'll post as I write them. WIPs which are going to be modified, edited, betaed, finished before being posted here, so comments are very welcomed!!

X-Men Comicverse (AvX Consequences AU): Scott Summers and Illyana Rasputin friendship, gen, dark.

Prayer for the Dying

Summary: Some things can't be forgotten, only lived with. Scott stayed in prison. This is one possible AU of how that would go. AU to AvX Consequences

NCIS: Sentinel/Guide Are Known AU, FemToni, Het, Tibbs, Season 1, mostly friendships.

Fluid Dynamics

Summary: Toni thought that everything was finally settling down in her life after Baltimore; but then Kate joined the team, a series of mysterious deaths kept propping up on their radar and she kept getting a strange vibe from Gibbs. Sentinel/Guide AU


The Marvel Big Bang:

X-Men Comicverse (AvX Consequences AU): Scott Summers-centered, fix it, gen, canon AU, yes another one.

Down the Valley of Elah

Summary: Scott has to rebuild his life on the ashes of his Phoenix possession, the death of the man that was his father in fact if not in blood and the shattering of most relationships he's ever had. Scott is acquitted of the crimes he committed under the influence of the Phoenix. AvX Consequences AU. Coming in November, hopefully!!

Rough Trade Urban Fantasy:


On the Wings of Night (Urban Fantasy AU): femNaruto, hints of Naruto/Sasuke if you squint really hard after three bottles of tequila, Fantasy AU, supernatural.

Summary: Fifteen years ago, tragedy struck Konoka, leaving large swats of the city in ruins and hundreds injured or dead. Uzumaki Naruto is a teenager with no past, a terrible secret no one knows, even her, and magical abilities that flare up at the worst possible moment. She is also an orphan that is about to be tossed out on the streets. But when she is given an apartment and a weekly stipend to move to Konoha, her life is about to turn from bizarre to deadly as her secret may be the key to either the world's salvation or annihilation. Coming in November, hopefully!!

Criminal Minds:

In the Dark Season - During a routine case, Reid is attacked at a crime scene and now the rest of the team has to deal with the aftermath. FemStephanie Reid, season 3 canon AU, gen, team, friendship.

Hawaii Five-0:

Deep Waters - Two hundred years ago, the last sentinel/guide alpha pair of Hawaii died. Since then, no other sentinel or guide has ever been born, come online or lived more than a few weeks on the islands. Despite years and millions of dollars in research, no one knows why. Now Alpha Guide Danni Williams has moved to Hawaii with her daughter and her arrival is about to shake the entire spiritual world of the island and the sentinel/guide community. Sentinel/Guide AU, Sentinels and Guides are known, FemDanni Williams, Guide Danni, Sentinel Steve, Danni/Steve.

Excerpt: The place was a dump, she knew it, the realtor knew it and even the damn birds knew it but still Danni considered it. She walked through the patio, oh, excuse me, lanai since she was in freak country where they didn’t even speak normal, American english. It was open and had a nice, scenic view of the dumpsters across the street.

That was enough to cross it off her list even if she did it reluctantly. It was the fifth one just that day and the options were dwindling and her wallet tightening. She listened with half an ear as the realtor sang adulations like it was a mansion in the Hampton’s instead of a rathole in a semi decent spot in O’ahu.


A Different Kind of Green - “Team 11: Huuya Neji, Rock Lee and Uzumaki Naruto.” In which circumstances and a single decision can change the course of many lives. FemNaruto. Canon AU.

Ashes to Ashes - Kurama has spent near a century hating and hating and wanting nothing more than destroy those that would oppressed him and his kin. He spent a century hating and now loving and believing, for the first time in a long time that maybe there was something of this world worth saving. Naruto has spent so long alone and hated and hating and loving and not having anything and wanting desperately for everything, lost her world not once but twice, lost everything but now can change things and not alone, not this time around. Kurama/Kyuubi and FemNaruto time travel Naruto canon AU.

Broken Chains - Naruto has always been a bit strange, but having Root constantly around would make anyone weird, especially with her preternatural ability to charm anyone that spends more than a few minutes in her presence. Danzo really should have known better. Canon AU, femNaruto, Bloodline Limit Naruto, Uzumaki Clan lives.

Happy, Broken Little Shadows - Naruto thought that bringing Sasuke back to the village would solve all of Team 7's problems. Maybe it couldn't. Maybe it didn't solve anything at all. Time-skip Canon AU, femNaruto, Anbu Naruto, mostly friendship with hints of Naruto/Sasuke, Naruto/Neji, ignores most of what happened after time-skip, non-canon conformity, dark ninja elements.


Blazing Skies - After a terrorist attack on the USS Seahawk during Toni's second stint as an agent afloat, Toni DiNozzo goes missing and is presumed dead. Two months later, Stephanie Reid, of the FBIs BAU is saved from being tortured by an unsub by a ghostly woman dressed in white. Steve McGarret receives a call from a former CO. His son, who was stationed at the Seahawk's medbay, has died under suspicious circumstances. With Gibbs determined to find out what really happened to Toni, Steve doing his own investigating and Stephanie wanting to solve the mystery of the woman who helped her, they are about to stumble upon a conspiracy that will change their lives and that of the entire dragon community and not necessarily for the better. Inspired by Jilly James' "Emergence". Dragon AU, Urban Fantasy AU, Crossover with Criminal Minds (Season 2-3) and Hawaii Five-0 (Pre-Season 1), FemToni DiNozzo, FemStephanie Reid, FemDaniella Williams, genderbending, Toni/Jethro, Danni/Steve, Stephanie/Hotch, NCIS Post Season 5.

Distorted Illusions - A new director, forced to work with the sister of Kate's murderer, mysterious deaths of newly online, unbounded guides, a sentinel that treats her like a bed warmer and and a sentinel/guide community that keeps questioning her bond with her sentinel are just the tip of the iceberg of the crap Toni has to deal with when a new case lands on their lap. FemToni, Tibbs, guideToni, NCIS season 3, team, McGee and Abby are a good friends.

Look Homeward - Antonia has always known who and what she was: a latent guide who would never come online due to her weak genes. At least that was until a coincidental meeting turns it all upside down. Now she has to deal with noisy Center personnel, annoying teammates, a grumpy boss, a series of gruesome murders of navy guides and sentinels and a dark secret from her past. Crossover with Stargate Atlantis and SG-1, Guide FemToni, Sentinel/Guide AU, femMeredith McKay, McShep, guides and sentinels are known, dark secrets, inspired by Jilly James' "If Found, Please Return", Matt Sheppard and the idea of Patrick Sheppard as Viggo belongs to Keira Marcos, team, friendship, NCIS season 4, Stargate Atlantis post season 1, canon diverges.


Veiled Dreams - Donalie always knew that Charlie was special but after she is nearly killed on a case, she discovers that he isn’t the only one. FemDon, GuideDon, Don/Ian, Sentinel Ian Edgerton, Sentinel/Guide AU, Sentinel/Guides are known.

Star Trek the Next Generation:

Shifting Sands - She was never supposed to be there, but when an unknown force came and destroyed her ship, it changed the course of many lives. FemRiker (Canon AU) Riker-centered. Altered Origins Story, femWilhelmina "Willa" Riker, maleDeann Troi, Willa/Deann, Worf and Willa are friends, Wolf has respect, friendship, mentors, Q is a wicked, wicked creature.

X-Men Comicverse/Young Justice Cartoon verse:

On a Bat and a Prayer - On the ashes of this nest, love wove with deathly fire, the phoenix takes its rest, forgetting all desire. Scotia is adopted by Bruce Wayne. FemScotia Summers. (Stars FemScotia Summers, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth with plenty of others DCU characters). FemScotia, telepath Scotia, Wayne family, Bruce is a good dad, Dick is a good bro, Alfred is a boss, superheroes are family, villains are very messed up, they also have a weird sense of honor, girlRobin, team Robin, Dick and Scotia adopted, family feels.

X-Men Comicverse:

Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night - In a world where Magneto joined Charles and never created the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the relationship between mutants and humans is on an all time high. Legislation has given mutants the same civil rights as humans and the X-Men hailed as heroes. Enter the Inhumans, a race that claim earth as their home planet and are determined to get it back, even if it means wiping out both humans and mutants to make the planet inhabitable for their people. Inspired by IvX. Canon AU, Scott/Jean, past Jean/OMC, friendship, father/son relationship, prodigal daughter returns, model Jean, insecure Scott, Jean chasing Scott.

Not Quite A New Beginning - It was always meant to be a last resort. Scott transforms Weapon X facility into a school. Not as easy as it looks. Scott-centered. Post AvX Consequences AU. Illyana and Scott friendship, gen, Erik is a good mentor, Emma is over everything, diverges from canon, people have actual brains, no one being stupid, feels, Scott is a good leader, Alex isn't gullible, fix it, X-Men are family, Rachel is her father's daughter, family.

This is How the World Ends - Scott survives being mortally stabbed by Logan on the moon while trying to protect Hope. Now he and everyone else have to deal with the aftermath. Avengers vs X-Men AU. (So in case there was any doubt, I HAATTTEEEEDDDDD~~~ AvX and everything that came after. This story is an AU of the aftermath of what happened on the moon.) Canon AU, diverges from canon, mistakes are made, Scott/Emma, Summers family, X-Men are family, Avengers catch a clue, Reed and Sue Richards are awesome, friendships, family.

Spoonful of Sugar - After the events of the X-Cutioner's Song and Fathers and Sons, Alex decides that his brother needs some much needed tlc and Scott and Nathan father/son bonding time. His solution, a road trip. It goes about as well as things normally do for the Summers family. Alex, Scott and Nathan bonding, diverges from canon, H/C, hurts, cheerful Alex, grumpy Nathan, angsty Scott, gen, family, brothers, father/son, uncle/nephew.

To the Trenches - Scott Summers hated that they needed people to make a school, but he went along with it because that was what the professor wanted. He just didn’t have to live it. Scott-centered. Canon AU. (In which Charles didn’t recruit just a handful of mutants but all he could find and he and Erik stayed friends.) (Inspired in large part by the Erik of the First Class movie and from the Utopia days. Close to what I had initially planned for Darkness Before Dawn.) Origins AU, Canon AU, Scott Summers-centered, gen, friendships, Erik, Charles, Moira and Amelia are Scott's foster family, Scott superhero, Scott hangs out with Spider-Man and the Human Torch, Scott is accepted among the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

Toy Soldiers - In life there is loss, but there is also gain. It’s the balance we find between them that gets us through life. Thirteen year old Scott loses his entire team and has to rebuild himself and the X-Men. Scott-centered. Canon AU. (Inspired by the X-Men Anime. The X-Men are not the social outcasts they are in canon but rather heroes on levels similar to the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Here the original team was formed years earlier and with different teens plus a thirteen year old Scott Summers. Dark at the beginning but gets better as the story goes on.) Scott-centered, new team, OCs, mutants are not social outcasts, Scott is a hero, Jean has a crush, Charles is not perfect, Erik is not a total ass, Scott has powers.

X-Men Evolution:

Carry On - They fought for their lives, for the world and won. Now the kids deal with the aftermath, some better than others. Logan takes the kids campaign but like all things X-Men it doesn’t go quite as planned. Scott-centered. (The kids recover from the fight with Apocalypse then they fight for their lives.) Gen, friendship, Scott-centered, injured Scott, Kitty and Scott friendship.

X-Men Movie verse/the Avengers Movie verse/NCIS:

Once More Unto the Breach - Toni DiNozzo knew it was going to be bad when she came home in the wee hours of the night and found Nick Fury sitting in her living room, drinking her dad’s twenty year old scotch and watching women’s basketball. Avengers Movie verse/X-Men Movie verse/NCIS plus a few more TV shows that I am using the characters for this (mutant/fem Dani Williams (Hawaii Five-0), mutant Don Epps (Numb3rs), mutant Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds). Stars Scott Summers (X-Men Movie), mutant/femToni DiNozzo (NCIS), mutant Clint Barton with plenty of Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, the rest of the Avengers, a bunch of OCs and everyone else I can throw in.

X-Men Movieverse:

Door Number 2 - After Liberty Island, the Xavier resident are settling back into their lives, expect Jean is acting strangely and Scott's headaches are becoming unbearable. When Rogue suddenly gains control of her powers, everything starts coming to a head. With threats coming to the X-Men's doorstep, the greatest one may come from within. Post X1 canon AU, diverges from canon, Scott/Jean, friendship, father/son, Scott is the closest thing the professor has to a son, Jean is committed to Scott, no love triangle, Jean has self-respect, Ororo is awesome, Logan is a man, more X characters.

FanFiction that I read and write:

Right now I’m reading pretty much anything I can get my hands on. As long as it has great characterization, well-written and a really well done plot I’m there.

My favorite character of all time is Cyclops/Scott Summers of the X-Men. I can read him in any verse from movie to cartoons to comics. Love him!!! Most of my stories are X-Men stories and all of them are Scott-centered so I hunt any good Scott-centered stories out there. If you are a fan, check out my AO3 or FF.net accounts for those recs. Any recs you have are most welcomed.

NCIS is my second most prolific fandom. Probably the one where I'm most well known for as a writer. I have hated, I mean HATED every season since most of the sixth and up till now. It's become such a Gibbs show and no longer team that I just stopped watching it. Not to mention how horrible the characterizations have become. I love Tony, and will probably write him and read him for a very long time. Recently I have gotten the gender bending bug with him so I have several stories with femToni though I will not abandoned maleTony. I can read him in pretty much anything though I prefer him in Canon AU than outright AUs. Slashed, gen, family and friendships though I have some interest in him with Jeanne but anything I read has to be before season seven. I won’t read anything set after season 6. I won’t read Tony/Zive because, UGH!!! Or Tony with anyone at NCIS other than Gibbs though I like them as father/son relationships or just a good friendship.

Naruto is my third most prolific fandom though I only write him genderbent. I can’t help myself. FemNaruto all the way. I love playing with Naruto in different teams, blood limits, skill set, mentors, families, etc. I love Naruto time-travel stories. Him coming back in time and changing things is awesome. The same with Naruto being in different teams. In this fandom I prefer gen/friendship/family stories but will read slash with Naruto/Sasuke, Naruto/Neji, Naruto/Gaara and Naruto/Sai. Het it really depends but mostly not. Not really into Kakashi/Naruto unless Naruto is not only not his student but older. I have a serious problem with Student/Teacher relationships.

I love Avengers movie verse, though I prefer anything before Captain America the Winter Soldier since I so loved the chemistry and potential friendships in the Avengers movie. I will read stories post Cap 2 since I do love the new friendships between Clint and Wanda, Clint and Sam, Clint and Scott, and pretty much everyone else. Clint-centered all the way. Jeremy Renner was amazing and so underutilized. I can only write in this fandom gen/friendship/family. Or genderbent Clint/Clare with Phil. I read Clint-centered fics. I love him in gen and friendship/team stories but I also like him slashed Clint/Coulson, or Clint with pretty much any other member of the team. I have enjoyed him with Bucky and Bruce most. Natasha/Clint stories are pretty much the only het stories I will read since the rest just don’t really click with me. I will not read Clint with Darcy or Jane. I love Darcy but not with her paired with any of the other Avengers.

Criminal Minds, Spencer-centered. I have several stories in this fandom only gen/friendship/family. I have a genderbent femStephanie Reid gen story and a couple crossovers genderbent, femStephanie Reid/Aaron Hotchner. One if inspired by Jilly James "Emergence" canon AU, so dragons!!! And the other a sentinel/guide AU. I also love Spencer-centered stories that are also gen/friendship/family but I can read Spencer slashed with Hotch.

Numb3rs, working on a femDonalie/Ian sentinel/guide AU and a crossover with the Avengers, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, mutant Don friendship story. I love Don-centered stories. I very much prefer gen/family/friendship stories or Don slashed with anyone but not his team. NO INCEST!!! I will not read it, write it, think it, just NO!!! I have a few stories with Don all of them gen/family/friendship and one with genderbent Don and Ian pairing but it’s still mostly a friendship.

Musketeers am working on a friendship story with femAramis. gen/friendship/family Aramis-centered though slash is fine but not with D’Artagnan, just, no. Nor do I like het pairings. I have a Aramis-centered genderbent story Canon AU that I’m working at, gen/friendship/family.

Avatar the Last Airbender Zuko-centered. Have several canon AU stories, including one with genderbent Zuka. Love canon AU but also very much gen/friendship/family. Zuko slash is okay but not with Aang though I love het here as well. I have a couple of canon AU stories and one of them is femZuko. :D.

Hawaii Five-0 has been a huge disappointment. It started out pretty good but went down in both quality and characterization really fast. The plots became so ridiculous that I just stopped watching. So everything that I read I mostly focus on the first two seasons. I love Danny and everything that I read is Danny-centered. I read gen/friendship/family and Danny/Steve slash. I pretty much hate all the women on the show except Kono and Jenna. And of course Gracie. All my stories here are genderbent Danni and if she’s paired up is with Steve.

Supernatural Dean-centered NO INCEST!!! I prefer gen/friendship/family/team. I have one story that’s a crossover with NCIS, Criminal Minds and Numb3rs. FemToni is transferred to the FBI and leads a team that deals with the freaky cases including Dean, some OCs and Ian from Numb3rs with Kevin helping with the computer tech. This was inspired by Shadeshifter's own crossover Finding Home. A must read.

I have one Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol/Avengers Movie crossover with genderbent Will and Clint being twins. Gen/friendship/family/team story.

There’s a few more here and there of different fandoms gen/friendship/family/team like Elementary Joan-centered, CardCaptor Sakura Syaoran-centered I have a canon AU that I’m working on, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leo-centered, the A-Team Murdock-centered, Star Wars Luke-centered, the Magnificent Seven Vin-centered modern ATF or Western, Iron-Man Rhodey-centered I have one genderbent Rhodey, He-Man (2000) Adam-centered, Fullmetal Alchemist Ed-centered, Sailor Moon Usagi-centered gen/friendship/family/team or Usagi/Mamoru I have a story that takes place after the end of the series with a whole bunch of OCs and Usagi finding out that she wasn’t the heir of the moon as she had thought.

Batman/Nightwing Comics Dick-centered, Young Justice Cartoon Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing-centered I have a crossover with X-Men Comics with femScott coming over at 9 years old and being raised by Bruce with Dick, Gundam Wing Heero-centered I also read Heero slash with anyone of the other pilots, King Arthur Arthur-centered I can also read him slashed with Lancelot, Mutant X Jesse-centered, Prince of Tennis Ryamo-centered, the West Wing Sam-centered I have a story where Sam is the long lost son of the president and that’s pretty much it!!! :D

I HATE INCEST! Can't stand it anymore than most teacher/student relationships unless very well written but for the most part, no, just no. And I don't care if people are pairing up the actors that play siblings or family! I mean seriously, FAMILY does NOT sleep with FAMILY!!!! Unless it's rape and that's not something I tend to actively seek.

Current TV Series:

Not watching a lot of shows right now. Frankly the quality of the shows have gone down and I’m just bored.

Reality TV: I’m still into Project Runway (don't like the current season and their BS PC move to multiple body types, and honestly, if I cared what the models thought I would still be watching Got Talent), Britain’s Got Talent, Judge Judy, Hell’s Kitchen and the People’s Court.

Series: Bull, though not overly impressed with season 2, Elementary, the Crown, Westworld and Bull.

Shows that are still on air but I no longer watch:

NCIS (season 6 was the beginning of the horror show, it's so bad you couldn't pay me to watch it), Grey's Anatomy (can it get any more convoluted and preachy!!! Bleh, you are dead to me!!!)., Hawaii Five-0 (after season 1 the show pretty much went into a tailspin, will somebody put it out of its misery!!!), Criminal Minds (Emily is not Hotch, sorry, but no thanks).

Canceled or ended TV Series:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mutant X, Poltergeist the Legacy, Star Trek All except the original and DS9, Joan of Arcadia, Surface, Veronica Mars, Crossing Jordan, E-Ring, Magnificent Seven, Stargate Atlantis, Penny Dreadful, Monk, Firefly, Mercy, Numb3rs (thank you God! After season 3 the series just started going down in flames), Psych (that last season sucked), the Mentalist (those last two seasons were horrible, I stopped watching after season 3).

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